Spare and Share

May 1, 2008

In the midst of a flurry of activity putting together a fund raising event in a short two-week period, one has to pause and reflect on ….. the fact that we also have jobs to get done.  I must admit that the idea of having a full slate of officers next year and an officially functioning Executive Council is a welcome improvement to APTE.  While the Constitutional Changes that recently passed overwhelmingly by online vote will help the association’s administrative functions, there is still a looming problem with attendance at APTE events and participation in APTE activities.  It is understandable that some employees are limited in the times they can be away from their desks or offices and others are just too busy to participate.  We hope that some of the online communication tools we have established recently might help to give voice to those who would like to be active members but for important reasons cannot. 

We will poll the membership later this summer to get more feedback on ways to improve communication and increase member participation but in the meantime, if you have any time or talents to spare, know that we would appreciate your sharing these immensely.


How Time Flies

April 16, 2008


“For the Aymara people living in the Andes, the past lies ahead and the future lies behind. Laura Spinney looks at how different languages reflect, and shape, our conception of time. ” 

 Time is on your side

In case you have “time” to read this article, it is interesting though that is not exactly what I had in mind when I titled this blog post.  I was actually referring to the delay in setting up a new Blog and adding something substantial to it because of other administrative issues that needed to be addressed when David had to resign from the position as President.  I have heard from David and he appears to be enjoying his new job immensely though he misses being part of APTE.  I told him we would take a vote to see if anyone opposed inviting him to our summer social even though he is now an Administrator — he seemed to get excited about the possibility of seeing everyone again. 

But seriously, since his departure we have had one General Meeting (April 2nd), one Committee Representative [Pseudo Executive Council] meeting (March 19th), and one meeting with the PLT (on April 1st – coincidence?).  We have also made some additional revisions to the Website, brainstormed a fund-raising project that we could coordinate in a short period of time, and plan for the votes on the constitutional changes as well as the next year’s officers and Executive Council/Committee Representatives. 

Since the change in governance came upon us so quickly we have had to make some decisions at the officer and Executive Council level that we might normally bring to the membership.  As we plan for the coming year in late June/ early July we will make every attempt to plan for the entire year and ensure all APTE members have ample opportunity to contribute ideas, skills, talents, and time (there’s that word again) towards the association’s goals. 

Having said that, I will try to post regularly (at least every other week) and keep you informed of any interesting issues that affect our membership.  In the meantime have a great week and make time for stress relief, because as the Aymara people living in the Andes know, “the past lies ahead and the future lies behind.” 



Hello ACC Professional Technical Employees

April 16, 2008

Welcome to the APTE President’s Blog APTE@ACC .  This Blog will be used  to provide general communications about the Association and events, activities, projects, plus much more.  You can find this Blog easily through the new APTE Website ( ) and you are welcome to post comments or questions. 

Looking forward to the remainder of the 07/08 Academic Year and more to come in 08/09.